Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Motivation

I love lists.  I always have.  I used to make lists of lists that I needed to make.  Obsessed much?!?  Call it what you will, I will simply justify myself because without the lists my life would be complete chaos. 

So what do I have in the works for this week?

Hubby is on vacation this week so we have a few around the house projects to tend too. A leaky sink, clearing out some closets and removing the boys' artwork off the walls. Here is just one of the many "hieroglyphics" that could be found around my house.  But, they are becoming an eye sore not only to me but to the little artists themselves, so it is time to remove them. 

We are in a wedding this weekend so we need to pack, make appointments, get the kids prepared for an overnight stay at their Mama and Papa's and of course groom ourselves entirely for the event.  I always love big events like this.  Something that gives me an excuse for a  week of pampering.  Just the preparations are enjoyable.  Manicures, pedicures, updo's, makeup, jewelery and a perfect dress.  Not to mention looking forward to a wonderful night with wonderful friends.  The picture shows the lovely couple that we will be celebrating this week.  We even have an extra night of enjoyment, this Wednesday night is the rehearsal dinner.  We are bringing the kids so it will be an enjoyable evening for all.  Plus, they are taking the day off from school the next day so we may take a special trip to the zoo. 

Finally, after our wonderful day of pumpkin picking yesterday, the boys are ready to carve some jack-o'lanterns.  We have never done it before so it should be lots of fun.  The boys are already planning out their designs.  This picture is of the boys with their "Mama" at the pumpkin patch yesterday.

Of course we will still be taking time to enjoy the good ole' outdoors.  Mother Nature has blessed us with a warm week so we will be taking time to enjoy watching the leaves turn as well as quality time outdoors. It doesn't get any better than this.

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Holli said...

Enjoy your week Mandy! I'm a make lists of lists kind of girl too so I know what you mean lol Sounds like you have lots of fun stuff planned... enjoy!

Lisa said...

Have a great week!

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