Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Days...

Today was Mikey's first day of Second Grade and Max's first day of his second year in Preschool.  First days always seem to keep me in a fog.  I long for the past when they were tiny babies and I look towards what fine young men they will become in the future.

Today was no different.  As I helped Mikey get ready this morning, I shared with him my memories of the first time he went on the bus and how I watched out the window for his return all day.  He's growing up so quickly.  I helped him package up his book bag and reminded him to be mindful in class.  We walked to the bus stop together and shared a few goals for the new school year and then I kissed him goodbye (thankful that he allowed me in front of his friends) and watched my little boy transform into a second grader.

 Later that morning, I had to do it all over again with Max.  Last year, Max had a classroom of all boys so he was looking forward to a classroom with girls in it.  This led his father to tease him about kissing girls.  I laughed but felt a ping in my heart, realizing that it is not that far off.  I made him a special lunch, we packed his snack for school together and then Alex and I watched him venture onto the bus and journey to his next chapter.

That left Alex and I alone for the afternoon.  The only thing I like about sending my older two off to school, is the quality time I get to have with my peanut.  Being the third child, we didn't get the quality time that his brothers were able to get as a baby or toddler.  These are the moments that I get to explore and watch his true personality.  When my little one doesn't mirror his older brothers but shows who he really is. 

It wasn't until this point that the fog truly cleared.  Yes, my boys are growing up and I do accept it.  I am blessed to share this journey with them.


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