Saturday, September 4, 2010


Since becoming a mother, the luxury of bathing comes few and far between.  Showering is a rushed experience done simply out of necessity.  While in the shower, my thoughts circle the many things I have to accomplish, the kids homework assignments, meal ideas, etc. and my anxiety grows. 

However, last night when I stepped into the shower, I cleared my mind of the worries and woes and I actually felt the water wash over me.  I enjoyed massaging my scalp while lathering shampoo through my hair, taking in the smell of my soap against my body and the heat of the steam rising around me and the goosebumps that raised from the contrast of the cold room to hot shower.  When my mind tried to wander off, I brought my attention back to the water. 

With my focus only on the shower and my thoughts only on cleansing myself, it made the experience serene.  Instead of jumping out like I normally do and haphazardly wiping myself dry and throwing my pajamas on, I stepped out slowly.  I let the cold air hit me and patted myself dry slowly, making sure to dry every inch of my body.  While brushing my hair I felt the teeth touch every part of my scalp.  I lathered my body in lotion and dressed slowly.  I exited the bathroom with a sense of peace and shared the experience with my husband.  

It just takes a mindful moment -- small pauses throughout the day to transform everyday moments into something meaningful.  There are no ordinary moments in life; every moment is sacred and deeply spiritual if we are open to changing how we relate to them.  



Jennyjenn18 said...

Lovely and sensual- we forget sensuality for ourselves so often- thank you for sharing

Dean Crabb said...

Yes, shower meditation is good. I also like toilet meditation and waiting to go to sleep meditation (one of my favs). No matter how busy my days are there is always time for waiting to go to sleep meditation, shower and toilet. They always happen in every day. Nice post!

Holli said...

Wonderful post... I loved this.... I always remind myself to stop and smell the roses so to speak and this fits in perfectly. Your blog is beautiful Mandy!

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