Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Beautiful Soul

My intent for today is to honor my Nana's birthday by keeping her memories alive.

My inspiration for today came from the memories of my Nana. My Nana was an old soul, a kindred spirit, very in tune with the earth and very wise about the world. She taught me about life by showing me how to embrace nature. Today, would have been her 93rd birthday. I shared a few stories about how I know her spirit is still with me at Chasing My Bliss. She truly was an amazing woman who inspired all that she met.


Today to honor my Nana, I meditated for 20 minutes on Love. I started the meditation focusing on unconditional universal love, then visualized a fountain of love within my heart, pouring forth healing waters to nurture and support myself on this day of remembrance. Then I focused on self love and forgiveness of myself and others for all pains caused so I can heal. Finally I sent love to all those that I appreciate and reflected on the significance and meaning of love; in its origin, its expression, its qualities and its goal.

Happy Birthday, Nana. I miss you with all of my being with love and light until we meet again.




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